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Beginning April 1, 2017, SmartLine will no longer be available, therefore would like to take this opportunity to walk you through some of our online and mobile services that can easily help you manage your finances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Insight Online and our Mobile Banking App make it easy to check an account balance, transfer funds, and verify cleared transactions, deposits, pending deposits, pending debit transactions, or even stop payments on checks. 

Insight Online

Insight Online is available for secure online banking whenever you are. The CuNotify feature allows you to set up alerts for direct deposits, debit card transactions, loan payment amounts and due dates, maturing certificates, cleared checks, bill payments, and more!

All members must complete a one-time registration process in order to access their account within Insight Online. Click here to enroll today! For step by step instructions on how to register, click here

Mobile Banking App

Our Mobile Banking App is available on the App Store and Google Play. Use your Android phone or iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or tablet to securely manage your accounts, make deposits, pay bills and more. Use the Quick Balance feature to view account balances and the last few transactions without even logging in! 

Getting Our Mobile Banking App is as Easy!
FIRST: Register on Insight Online
You must be a registered user of Insight Online in order to use the Mobile Banking App. Click here to enroll.

SECOND: Download the Insight Mobile Banking App
Once you have registered on Insight Online, visit the App Store or Google Play from your mobile device or tablet to download the "Insight CU Mobile" app and stay connected 24/7.


*Access to, and use of, SmartLine is free. There may, however, be a charge for specific services ordered such as stop payments, etc. Please refer to the usage agreement or list of standard Insight Credit Union service charges for details.