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Fraudulent Calls Appearing to Come from Us

We have been made aware that some members are now receiving a new type of fraudulent call asking for details regarding their account information. Callers are telling members that their card has been compromised and a new one is being issued, but first the member needs to confirm information such as last few transactions, last deposit amount and owners on the account.

We want to alert all members, these calls are NOT from Insight Credit Union. We would NEVER call you and ask for confirmation of existing account information.

If you receive a call from what appears to be Insight Credit Union and you are ever in doubt, please don't give any information to the caller. Hang up and call us immediately to confirm that we did indeed contact you regarding a legitimate matter.

Remember, one of the best ways to fight fraud is to become an educated consumer. Head over to our Security Center to read the 10 Things We'll Never Ask You !

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