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First-Time Auto Buyer Loans

Our First-Time Auto Buyer Loan program is designed for the first-time auto buyer who may have difficulty obtaining a loan because of limited credit or no credit history at all. This loan not only funds the purchase of your vehicle with manageable terms and a competitive rate, but also provides the opportunity to establish a positive credit history in the process.

For more information, please contact a Financial Services Representative at 407.426.6000 or Toll-Free 888.843.8328.


Loan Type Term Daily Periodic Rate Annual Percentage Rate
New Autos*  Up to 72 Months: Extended terms available**  0.005890% - 0.044520%  2.15% - 16.25%
Used Autos*  Up to 72 Months: Extended terms available**  0.006822% - 0.046548%  2.49% - 16.99%
Experienced/Classic Autos* Up to 36 Months  0.024630% - 0.046548%  8.99% - 16.99%
New Auto First Time Buyer Up to 60 Months 0.038329%  13.99%
Used Auto First Time Buyer  Up to 60 Months 0.038329%   13.99% 

* Your actual rate will be customized based on your credit characteristics. The lowest rates shown are for members with excellent credit. These loan rates, effective February 1, 2016 are an addendum to your LoanLiner agreement. The payment amount and due date of payments will be determined at the time of each advance and disclosed on the Funds Request Voucher. Indexed rates are based on the percentage above the dividend rate paid on certificate or share accounts.

**Extended terms available. Some restrictions apply. Rates subject to change without notice.

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