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At Insight Credit Union, the security of member information is a priority. Every day, unscrupulous individuals are busy developing new scams targeting the unsuspecting public and one of the best ways to avoid fraud is to become an educated consumer. Our Security Center offers a variety of valuable materials regarding information security. Be sure to check back often as content is updated regularly. 

Over the last few years, social media scams have exploded, with fake Twitter and Facebook profiles increasing by 100% in just one year. That also means there are several types of social media scams, most which involve a phishing scheme component. Here’s how it happens:

Scammers try to “friend” you by creating a bogus profile or cloning the profile of someone you know. Then, they’ll get you to share personal information by asking you random questions.

Meanwhile, you’re unknowingly giving away the security questions for your personal passwords. By the time you realize what’s happened, it’s too late.

Other social media scams involve fake offers and promotions. To get your hands on the goods, though, you’ll first need to share your personal information.

In order to spot social media scams, watch for these red flags:
• The posted offer sounds too good to be true.
• You’re urged to act immediately or risk missing the offer.
• The scammer claims to represent a business, but when you call to discuss the offer, no one knows about it.
• You’re asked to share sensitive information.
• A social media “friend” keeps asking you random questions.

If you find yourself the victim of a social media scam:
• Shut your computer and use another device to change your passwords.
• Put a fraud alert on your credit.
• Alert the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
• Tell your friends to be aware of any random requests that may come from you.

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