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Important Insight Online Security Update

In order to provide you with a more secure connection to Insight Online, on June 20, 2018 we will disable access to Insight Online from any browser using a SSL version less than TLS 1.2.

What is TLS 1.2 and why is it important?
Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a successor to Secure Sockets Layer protocol, or SSL. TLS 1.2 provides secure communications on the Internet for such things as email, Internet faxing, and other data transfers such as those done on Insight Online. Any device that is not using TLS 1.2 or higher will not be able to connect to Insight Online after June 20, 2018.

Below are the lists of browsers and operating systems affected and the minimum version required to reach Insight Online after June 20, 2018.

Operating System Minimum OS Version (SSL Certificates)
Apple OSX 10.9+
Apple iOS 5.1.1+
Android 4.4.2+
Chrome OS All Versions 
Windows 7+ 
Windows Phone   8.0+

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately, Windows XP and Windows Vista are only capable of upgrading up to Internet Explorer version 8, which does not support TLS 1.2. Therefore, users of these operating systems using Internet Explorer as their browser will not be able to connect to Insight Online. In order to access Insight Online after June 20, 2018, you will need to install the latest version of another browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari.

Although a high percentage of all PC/Browser combinations currently in use support TLS 1.2, there is a chance that it may not be enabled in your browser settings. This could be especially true if you are using an older browser version.

Browser Minimum Browser Version
Chrome 10.9+
Firefox 5.1.1+
Internet Explorer 4.4.2+
Microsoft Edge All Versions 
Opera 7+ 
Safari  8.0+

To ensure access to Insight Online after June 20, 2018, please be sure your preferred browser is up to date and TLS 1.2 is enabled.

Need help enabling TLS 1.2? Click here for step-by-step instructions.

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